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SFU's Research Ethics team manages the review of any research activity at SFU that involves human participants. The Research Ethics Board, comprised of SFU faculty and community members, is the responsible body, but the Research Ethics team is delegated decision-making on over 90% of reviews. The department offers  consultation services via Zoom so that faculty and students can discuss the fine points of their protocols. Research Ethics staff also provide in-class training for graduate classes and other groups on the review process and related topics.

Ethics help via Zoom

Sessions are one-on-one with Research Ethics Officers and slots are limited to 15 minutes per inquiry, in order to meet demand. Sessions run Monday - Wednesday, from 1-2pm.

Note: there will be no help sessions on the days when we have Research Ethics Board meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no Zoom help session on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.

Updated TCPS2 CORE Tutorial 

All researchers including faculty, staff and students are required to complete the TCPS2 tutorial (or the equivalent CITI course) prior to undertaking human research.  The TCPS2 tutorial has recently been updated and effective January 24, 2023SFU ORE will require all researchers to have completed the updated version – TCPS2 CORE-2022 tutorial.