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To nominate an SFU faculty member for an external research prize or award, please use this online form. The Institutional Strategic Awards team will respond with next steps.

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  1. Nominations
  2. Awards Timeline & Internal Process
  3. President's Advisory Committee
  4. Resources

For the most current information, visit the SFU Funding and Award Opportunities Database and subscribe for alerts in your areas of interest.

1. Nominations

Institutional Strategic Awards (ISA) coordinates the internal selection of nominees, institutional endorsements, and/or external expert reviews of draft nomination packages through Universities Canada's Global Excellence Initiative. To promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), departments and faculties should ensure that all eligible candidates are considered and given the opportunity to self-identify (please see the Canada Research Chairs' EDI practices). To recommend a candidate to the President's Advisory Committee on Awards, Honours and Prizes, please submit a candidate suggestion form by the internal deadline. Suggestions received after the internal deadline will still be considered, but we cannot guarantee in which competition year a candidate will be reviewed or nominated. For more information, please contact

Additional research award opportunities in your topic of interest may be found in the Funding & Awards Opportunities database.

Award Internal
CUFA BC Distinguished Academics Awards

Oct 6, 2022

Jan 31, 2023
CIHR Barer-Flood Prize in Health Services and Policy Research Jan 9, 2023 Feb 1, 2023 (TBC)
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellowships Jan 9, 2023 Mar 14, 2023 (TBC)
Royal Society of Canada Medals & Awards Oct 6, 2022 Mar 31, 2023
NSERC Prizes (Brockhouse, Herzberg, Polanyi, Strickland) Oct 6, 2022 Apr 1, 2023
SSHRC Impact Awards Oct 6, 2022 Apr 1, 2023 (TBC)
Order of BC

Oct 6, 2022

Apr 7, 2023
NSERC Synergy Award Oct 6, 2022 Apr 19, 2023
Order of Canada Ongoing Ongoing

2. Awards Timeline & Internal Process

Internal deadline (limited submission and institutional nominations):
  • Ideally four to six months in advance of agency deadline, depending on award
  • Candidates will be reviewed at next scheduled Awards Advisory Committee meeting
    • Dates of 2022 meetings: February 23, 2022; June 29, 2022; October 19, 2022 (rescheduled to November 9, 2022)
  • ISA will facilitate and submit nominations for candidates recommended to advance to institutional nomination
Nomination preparation period:

3. President's Advisory Committee

Committee Membership as of December 2022:

Co-Chair: Dugan O'Neil, Vice-President, Research and International
Co-Chair: Catherine Dauvergne, Vice-President, Academic and Provost

John Borden, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, FRSC
Eugene Fiume, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, FRSC
Carole Gerson, Professor, English, FRSC
Owen Underhill, Professor, Contemporary Arts, FRSC
Deanna Reder, English, RSC College
Anne Solomon, REM, RSC College
David Vocadlo, CHEM, RSC College

Secretary: Melanie Monk, Associate Director, Researcher Excellence and Recognition

4. Resources

Global Excellence Initiative

The national Global Excellence Initiative aims to boost Canada’s research profile on the global stage through nominating more scholars and scientists for major awards. Universities Canada offers support by:

Institutional Strategic Awards serves as SFU's primary liaison with Universities Canada's Global Excellence Initiative program officer.