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  1. GP37 - Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment
  2. R10.01 - Agreements (Contracts)
  3. R20.01 - Human Ethics
  4. R20.02 - Biosafety
  5. R20.03 - Animal Care
  6. R20.04 - Radiation Safety
  7. R30.03 - Intellectual Property
  8. R40.01 - Research Centres and Institutes
  9. R50.XX - Research Personnel
  10. R60.01 - Responsible Conduct of Research


GP37 - Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment

Lays out the framework for members of the university community to disclose real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment - a necessary precursor to research and other university activity. Includes a separate procedure for US Funding (Financial Conflict of Interest - FCOI)

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R10.01 - Agreements (Contracts)

This policy sets out the criteria for the approval and execution of external Research Funding Agreements. It focuses on roles and responsibilities and the risk management  processes required to support effective and informed decision-making. It also addresses required overhead

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R20.01 - Human Ethics

Focuses on the responsibilities and processes for human subjects research ethics review, under the governing Tri-Agency policy (TCPS2).

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R20.02 - Biosafety

Lays out the requirements to conduct research using biohazardous materials.

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R20.03 - Animal Care

Establishes a framework to ensure that the treatment and handling of all animals used in teaching and research is performed to the highest standards of animal ethics and care, and to minimize the use of animals in teaching and research wherever possible.

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R20.04 - Radiation Safety

Provides guidance for the safe and responsible use and management of radioactive materials and/or equipment that emits ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.

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R30.03 - Intellectual Property

Describes SFU's approach to and management of the intellectual property developed as a result of intellectual or creative activity.

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R40.01 - Research Centres and Institutes

This policy defines Research Centres and Research Institutes, establishes the intended scope of their activities, determines their rights and responsibilities, and outlines the procedures for their operation.

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R50.XX - Research Personnel

This suite of policies that detail research-related appointments that do not fall within SFU's bargaining units.

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R60.01 - Responsible Conduct of Research

Establishes SFU's expectations for the conduct of research activity, and details the processes for addressing allegations. This policy aligns with the federal Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research.

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