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Simon Fraser University’s BIO3 Lab is one of a few biosecure facilities in Canada that are certified to meet the highest safety standards defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Researchers can safely conduct research activities on Risk Group 3 pathogens, including those that may lead to breakthrough discoveries against human diseases. This facility is the first-of-its-kind at SFU.

The BIO3 Lab team provides:

  • Safety training;
  • Lab access for approved independent research projects;
  • Consultations on prospective research plans;
  • Lab management (e.g. waste disposal; general cleaning of floors, benches and equipment; small equipment maintenance; autoclave management and laundry service for scrubs used in the lab).

For questions about the lab and access, please contact Dwayne Ashman, Operations Director, BIO3 Lab at Access to the BIO3 Lab is available to the SFU research community and non-SFU academic and corporate researchers.

SFU created the BIO3 Lab thanks to the tremendous generosity of the Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation

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