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Below is the status of the planning activities of the SFU Animal Care and Use Program in light of conditions brought on by COVID-19. Additional information about these matters will be communicated as needed. This is an ACS update for Campus Status Stage 3.

Animal Care Services (ACS) has a crisis management plan and we are ensuring that these plans are in-line with specific issues that pertain to the current situation.

As an ‘essential service’, ACS staffing levels have covered basic animal care needs and necessary technical procedures during the current situation, taking into consideration SFU guidelines regarding distancing within facility space; as we move into Stage 3, staffing levels will increase.

ACS will continue to maintain current animal colonies with designated ACS staff. Lab members will continue to be required to aid with colonies during stage 3.

Given the evolving COVID-19 situation, the following procedures will now be in place:

  • Animal orders are now unrestricted and
  • Technical procedures will return to normal with some restrictions (based on technician availability).  Exceptions: some technical procedures may not yet be possible for staff to safely perform due distancing guidelines within small lab spaces.
  • Any special care requirements based on study plans presently under lab care will continue to be the responsibility of individual labs.

Please continue to communicate animal research needs with ACS operations (if possible, keeping animal numbers and breeding to a minimum as well as keeping the number of colony cages to a minimum during this transition).
Please contact our manager Nicole or Dr. Chris Kennedy if you have any questions or need assistance.

Last updated: July 2, 2021